Status of the movement in the Pacific and our vision

Fiji’s vision is to be the hub of the Pacific in terms of spiritual multipliers and to continue to trust God for the fulfillment of the 10/100/10/100 vision (more on this further).

This has been our rallying cry since 2010 as we trusted God to expand our team and to increase our effectiveness in helping fulfill the Great Commission.

Samoa through Soi and Fataki have branched out from Fiji to trust God to build spiritual movements. They are trusting God by the time they leave in 2027 that God will raise a team of 20 Samoan missionaries who are not only reaching Samoa but beyond.


Cru Samoa staff: Soi, Fataki and Sera during orientation week.

Veronica and Viliami are our two Tongan missionaries who are working with Losena and Fekita to see Tonga Cru re-establish and are trusting God for ways to reach Tonga and beyond.

Veronica with Vilisi.

Tu Ma, Judith and Nathan are making their move to the West of Fiji to help build movement among university students in the Nadi- Lautoka corridor. There are students from the West who are already asking not only how they can be involve but a few have already gone through our staff interview process. Judith who is from Vanuatu is trusting God to see spiritual movements develop in Vanuatu.

Ni-Vans: Daphne, Judith and Charlotte.

This year we are embarking on a journey to trust God for movement to be establish on the campuses in the North, Savusavu and Labasa.

We do not want to reach Fiji only or the Pacific, we want to reach the world! We believe part of the manpower to reach the world will come from Fiji and the Pacific. We believe God will do that throughout the different generations.

The voyager we are sailing on, our canoe, our waka, our drua, our takia no matter what the season is like, will not stop, it will keep sailing till when we reach the shores of the new Jerusalem.

Jesus from Jerusalem sent his disciples to the remotest part of the earth, which is the Pacific. Now it is our time; Fiji time, Pasifika time from the remotest part of the earth to send missionaries, even if it means back to Jerusalem where it all started.


10/100/10/100 Vision

The 10 represents the 10 years from 2010 to 2020 we have trusted God to produce a 100 missionaries. Since then we have seen 70 people mostly university students from different countries and backgrounds go through our staff interview process and hundreds of students have been sent on mission projects. The second 10 is for the 10 ministry locations in the Pacific we are trusting God for run by staff that are 100% funded.

From nine staff back then we now have 25 missionaries and from one campus location we are ministering on six campus locations not including the ministries we have through the communities and churches.

God is definitely on the move, and we want to be a part of that; to continue to trust Him to open doors, for more missionaries and for more countries so that we can develop spiritual movements in.

Please continue to uphold us in your prayers as we trust God together for the fulfillment of His vision for Fiji Campus Crusade for Christ.

*As presented by Sai Kacimaiwai (Campus Director) on behalf of the National leadership at the Fiji Campus Crusade for Christ 40th Anniversary celebrations in Suva.