Online Bible Studies

Last year I (Judith) started an online Bible study re-connecting with friends from Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and a new member here in Fiji. We journeyed through the books of Ruth, Esther, Jonah, and Hosea meeting once a week for about one and a half to two hrs. Through this, the ladies have grown in their knowledge of the Word, been encouraged to study the Word of God well & consistently and discovered its great applicability in the fast changing world we live in today.

Below are comments from a couple of them:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the online Bible study. It grew a hunger in me to dig deeper and listen to other sermons on the different books we were studying.”

Mrs R.

“I really like it (Bible studies) because we’re able to see and learn from the Word and also on what’s going on in the world right now. It has helped me a lot especially in areas where we face challenges and difficulties in this world and in mission life because there is Hope. We should have faith to continue to do His work.”

Mrs W.

My desire is to continue the group this year, Lord willing. Please pray for God’s guidance.

Helping with ministry accounts

With regards to helping out with ministry accounts, I am thankful I have been able to work from home this season, updating and reconciling the monthly accounts and also spending time with the kids. My finance and administration partner Kelera has been a great help, being the hands and feet of the operation. We are so grateful to God for her contribution to the ministry especially during the past year. 

With Kelera in Suva

Other Bible studies and trainings

TuMa on the other-hand began a weekly online Bible study with the staff. It’s been fun and invigorating having deep conversations as we’ve studied the gospel of John and his first epistle. Unpacking and discovering the wonderful truths on Christ’s life and Christian living in John’s writings. A very convicting, humbling and rewarding time as well.

Apart from the weekly staff Bible study, TuMa has been meeting up weekly with a group of guys both students and alumni for a deep study of the book of James.

I don’t have a screenshot of our ladies study so here’s one of TuMa and the guys.

We were also part of a HomeBuilders study for couples led by Pita and Mere Nacuva that covered three studies over five months.

HomeBuilders study

Grateful that we were able to finally meet up (some for the first time) at Vunimaqo for a small BBQ once restrictions were lifted.

Group photo at Vunimaqo

Lastly, we were blessed to be able to work with other staff and take a group of students through a series of zoom workshops that focused on how to study the Bible.

Online poster
Last zoom group photo, workshop with staff and students.

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