Campus Ban

USP’s ban on the ministry work on campus stands despite our efforts in requesting the ban be lifted. Our senior staff and ministry board members continue to seek other avenues to address not only the issue of the ban but more so the USP Religious policy that was enacted in Nov 2016.

Regardless of the policy, students continue to meet for Bible studies, fellowship and training, most of which now happens off campus either at McDonald’s over a cup-a-tea or soft serve ice cream or at our office a 15 min walk or 5 min bus ride away from USP. We thank the Lord for providing these opportunities to meet with students.

Other Opportunities:

What may seem an obstacle has actually opened up the minds of our staff to explore more creative alternatives of reaching Students apart from going on campus. The Judea Express was a suggested alternative where we hope to reach Students living in accommodations just outside of USP.
Pictured below was one such opportunity that Judith was a part of where a couple of older Student Life members (Student Leaders) from Fiji and Vanuatu were encouraged to share the gospel to a group of girls living in a house located not far from USP. More than 15 girls were present from Vanuatu, Solomon Is and Fiji and heard the gospel presented along with a testimony.


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iTaukei (Fijian) missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands alongside his wife Judith (ni-Vanuatu) and their two kids.

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