In our previous January newsletter we were anticipating two upcoming events; Staff Conference and a Vanuatu trip.

Staff Conference

What a way to begin the year with a week long time spent with our regional staff from Fiji, PNG, Guam, NZ based regional staff, and the US. We also had Rose from the Solomon Is and Veronica from Tonga who have both applied to join staff but have yet to serve their two year bonds in their individual countries.


Highlights from the Conference include:

  • Morning sessions working through the 10 growth indicators in the Book of Jonah with Mark Yardbrugh.
  • Afternoon couching sessions with Marc Rutter (Cru HR) developing skills in the area of practically guiding conversations to get desired outcomes (couching).
  • Commissioning our first mission team to Samoa a group comprising Soi & Fataki from Tonga with their three sons and Sera Tuiyalani from Fiji.
  • And last but not least, getting to meet staff from around the region.

Time in Vanuatu

Right after Staff Conference, there was an opportunity to head back home (Vanuatu) mainly to tie off lose ends at both Judith’s old work places but also to actually meet in person those of you supporting us in ministry and tell you a bit about what’s been happening. We were so grateful for this opportunity and loved meeting with you. For those we weren’t able to meet we hope to catch you next time. Please do let us know when you are in Suva.

Personal Life

Not until half way through the school semester are we finally getting into a regular routine in life consisting of staff meetings, appointments with students, new staff training, family functions and house and yard attending. We had hoped to move to Suva at the beginning of this year but with the way things have panned out have decided to stay a while longer here at Pacific Harbour, and enjoying coming back to the calm and quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of Suva.

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iTaukei (Fijian) missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands alongside his wife Judith (ni-Vanuatu) and their two kids.

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