Ministry Update

Having spent a full half year of 2016 solely dedicated to raising our financial support plus settling in here in Fiji, what a nice change it was to finally be working with University Students since Feb this year (2017). Being engaged in the heart of what the Student Life movement is all about “A community passionate about connecting students to Christ” has been a great eye opener to the great need for Christ at USP.
Connecting with Students (especially first years) at the start of the year is always a crucial time for our staff and student leaders. Students are less tied down to commitments and more available to meet up and talk about the survey forms they filled out with us during orientation week or during one of our weekly connection meetings. Where they indicate an interest to know more about God and what ‘Student Life’ is all about, we, the staff and student leaders, follow up on by calling them up and meeting with them one-on-one. I must say, not everyone responds enthusiastically or responds at all, but for the few that do, we get the opportunity to share the gospel with. And if they want to meet up again and again and again, these are the few we get to do life with!
Over the past couple of weeks Judith has finally settled on McDonalds as her base for meeting with girls for Bible study. From the 70 or so phone calls made and 20 or so actual face to face conversations, she has a total of about 8 girls that she meets with on a regular basis (Weekly) and a couple other inconsistent or new appointments weekly.

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iTaukei (Fijian) missionary with Cru serving in the Pacific Islands alongside his wife Judith (ni-Vanuatu) and their two kids.

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